Monday, December 22, 2008

Kumara Parvatha

Kumara Parvata, popularly known among trekkers as KP is the Third tallest peak in Karnataka (based on the height from sea level). Mullayyanagiri and Kuduremukha both in Chikmagalur District take the first 2 spots. About 5 years back I had trekked to Kumara Parvata. It is an imposing peak with thick shola forest cover from all sides.

Kukke Subramanya is a famous pilgrimage place known for the temple of Lord Subramanya. The majestic structure of KP looms large behind the temple at a very far distance. The trek actually starts from a by-lane near the temple itself. After about a kilometer of treading on mud road the path deviates and takes off into forest. From here on its nearly 4 hours uphill walk to a place called Girigadde. This stretch is quite boring, with absolutely no open view. The forest is monotonous and offers no excitement.

About a kilometer before Girigadde, the path breaks free from the forest and makes way into open land. Now with the boring forest behind me, I really started to enjoy the trek from this point onwards. Though rest of my fellow trekkers were already at Girigadde House (One Mr.Bhat lives in this single house at Girigadde), I really slowed down a lot after the forest cover was over. It was great view all around.

It was about 6pm when I reached Girigadde House. 5 hours of looong and winding trek path! Our plan was to stay at this house for the night and continue towards the peak early next morning.

Mr.Bhat offers food and shelter to the trekkers. Some call it as a great service. But I plainly saw it as a business. He does charge a lot for food and hence it can not be called as service. Fair enough, trekkers get a place to rest and quench the thirst and hunger; but at a good price! Nothing wrong in it. I somehow just could not think beyond seeing it as a 'Business'.

Early in the morning at about 6, we were off towards the peak. On the way there are 2 main sub-peaks to be crossed known as 'Bhattada Raashi' and 'Shesha Parvata'. The walk along the side of Bhattada Raashi was exciting. Atop Shesha Parvata it is a fabulous view.

From Shesha Parvata the path leads down into rain forest and then comes up at the far end in what is known as the peak of Kumara Parvata. It was 10 am when I reached there. The trek is worth. Except for the initial route till a kilometer before Girigadde, rest of the trek path is awesome.

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