Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trek to a Hill made Famous by Trekkers

Last week been to this place called 9gudda. Gudda in Kannada means Hill and the peak has nine major humps; hence the name - 9gudda.

I had read in many treklogs that the path to this place is mysterious and one is bound to lose way. It is advised by almost all who wrote about their trekking experience to this place that carrying a GPS, Compass and Map is MUST. Without which one is sure to lose his way in forest. And to top it all some mentioned the presence of elephants all along the trek route. The combination of all these factors has made this hill quite famous.

Usually trekkers ascend this hill by one route (which is said to be tough) and descend by another route (which is said to be easy). For me when it comes to trekking to a mountain peak, reaching the peak is of paramount importance than how. I enjoy the stunning view all peaks provide and to enjoy this view I always try to find the easiest way to reach the top of a hill. So when it came to 9gudda, I obviously discarded the ascending route and opted for the other route from where trekkers usually make thier exit from 9gudda.

We were atop the 9gudda in 5 hours. What should have taken us less than 3 hrs took us more than 5 hours. Where the route was piece of cake we messed it up and where we were supposed to mess it up it was piece of cake. As a result there was 2.5 hours of aimless wandering just because we missed a very very easy landmark.

If one is to count the humps on top of the hill they will never sum up to 9. But it is said there are indeed 9 humps. The peaks of Amedikallu and Ettinabhuja (partially) are visible. On other side Deepada Kallu (I hope I am right here) and Jenukallu Gudda make up a good view.

Walking along the ridge from one hump to another should be a pleasant experience. We had a long way to walk back and a bus to catch. So, we stood on top of what is known as the 4th hump, watched the remainig 5 humps from here and hurried back. That was a good decision we took or else we would have missed the bus and a working day at office!

If we had not lost our way we would have had enough time to walk up to the 9th hump as well. But it was not to be. May be next time.


Aravind GJ said...

Nice to see a write-up of Ombattu Gudda trek done from the other end!!

The Drifter said...

thanks aravind. I thought, why take all that trouble trying to ascend from gundya side. Walk in the open land was pleasant. Though, the jeep track is a scar on those lovely hills.