Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tillari - Where Nature Rules

Tillari is a fabulous place. Isolated and surrounded by scenic mountains this place is a heaven for nature lovers. Waterfalls, lush green landscape, mountains and most importantly no people, makes one feel like his own king in Tillari. Nature rules here.

There are some lovely waterfalls around Tillari. Friends had been busy scouting these waterfalls and invited me to join. There is a small yet beautiful waterfall which is hidden in canopy with mesmerizing surroundings. Then we were off to the viewpoint to view 2 more waterfalls which are about 100 ft in height and lay side by side. The magnificent Tillari valley presents a great sight from here.

Though friends had definite information of couple of more waterfalls nearby, it was decided to go in search of them next time and we headed to starting point of Tillari ghat road. The sight here is one to behold. Long range of majestic mountains dotted the landscape and small yellow flowers bedded the earth to quite a good distance.

The Tillari ghat road is one to be explored as it is risk filled road with not many vehicles plying. The fact that insurance claim is not applicable to any mishap that may occur on this road explains the danger involved.

Next Tillari mission is coming up soon and the task involves searching the remaining waterfalls and may be a drive down Tillari ghat.


Aravind GJ said...

Nice narration and photos are really good.

The Drifter said...

Thanks a lot aravind....

Kaustubh said...

wow...actually we were supposed to go to Tilari but the plan changed on last moment and we went to is also a fabulous place...ill upload the blog on tha....btw thanks for dropin by solewitness

The Drifter said...

thanks kaustubh for visiting.

Chorla! thats a place I want to visit. Looking for your update on that.

Abhi said...

Hi Drifter,

Can you please tell me where this place is and how do i reach there.