Saturday, August 23, 2008

Doodhsagar Delight

Doodhsagar is one of the major waterfalls of India. The Khandepar river plummets to a depth of over 650 ft to present an awesome spectacle. Though perennial in nature, doodhsagar is to be watched in monsoon to get a feel of the might of nature. Khandepar river takes birth in Karnataka and after covering a short distance enters Goa to form this waterfall before joining Mandovi river.

Doodhsagar literally means 'Sea of Milk', as thats how this waterfall looks during monsoon. The fury of gushing milky waters makes one feel for sure that there could not be a better name to christen this waterfalls with. The raliway line passes right infront of this waterfall and is the mode of travel to most visitors to this waterfall. Mostly freight trains rumble along these tracks and the bridge constructed by British does shake while a train passes on it.

Watch out for the naughty monkeys around. The place is strewn with plastic and other wastes indicating a high traffic of visitors. A heavvy price to pay if a fantastic nature spot becomes easily accessible.

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