Thursday, February 9, 2012

Temples of Karnataka 4 - Someshwara @ Kodikoppa

This temple is 'whitewashed' in full by the devotees of Kodikoppa. Apart from that the temple is intact. Kodikoppa is referred to as ‘Kirunareyangal’ in the 2 inscriptions found here dated AD 1121 and AD 1144.

Colourfull Door!


  • It is a simple structure consisting of Mukhamantapa, Navaranga, Antarala, Garbhagruha (Sanctum) and a Shikhara (tower) of Kadamaba Nagara style.
  • The temple though now called Someshwara was also known as Brahmeshwara temple and also by the name of Mallikarjuna Temple.
  • Small Shivalinga is in the sanctum.
  • Door of Navaranga is of Panchashakha type consisting of various creeper designs which are now defaced due to the red and green paint.
  • Antrarala door consists of Jalandhras (perforated windows) on both sides and top.
  • There are six Devakoshthas (niches) in Navaranga and all are empty.

Trademark Western Chalukya Style Pillars
AD 1144 Inscription
Bottomline: There is no information regarding exact year of construction. But the mention in the AD 1144 inscription that one ‘Molleya Brahmaiah’ as the person who constructed this temple indicates that the temple was constructed some time before AD 1144.

Source: ASI

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