Monday, January 30, 2012

Temples of Karnataka 3 - Amrutheshwara @ Annigeri

Annigeri is historically an important place. Over 25 inscriptions have been found here. In these inscriptions Annigeri is referred to as ‘Anyatatakka’ and ‘Annigeri’ as well. Historians have learnt that this place was the capital city of Western Chalukyan king Someshwara IV and Kalachuri king Bijjala. The oldest inscription is dated to the year AD 750 to the time of Badami Chalukya King Keertiverma II.

Famous Kannada poet Pampa was born here in AD 902. Among the many old temples of Annigeri, Amrutheshwara Temple stands out. It was constructed during the reign of Western Chalukyan king Someshwara I in the year 1050.

  • This east facing temple consists of Mukhamantapa, Sabhamantapa, Navaranga, Antarala and Garbhagruha (Sanctum).
  • Temple has 2 Shikharas – one atop the Sanctum and the other a smaller one atop the Mukhamantapa.
  • The spacious Sabhamantapa which has doors on all 4 sides was a later addition.
  • The main entrance of the temple opens to Navaranga.
  • From Navaranga there are 2 openings on either side – one leading to Antarala on its way to Sanctum and the other opening into Sabhamantapa.
  • The main door of the temple is of Saptashakha type and the craftsmanship seen here is the main attraction of the temple.
  • The outer wall of the temple has typical Western Chalukya style work consisting of some Shikharas and Makaratoranas.

Bottom Line: No photography is allowed inside the temple. The villagers themselves raised objection when I took out the camera. The ASI guy who was occupied somewhere else rushed towards me after hearing the arguments and asked me not to take any photos. Though, when he and certain villagers are not present within the temple premises then nobody stops visitors from taking photos. I was there at the wrong time.

Source: ASI


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