Friday, September 11, 2009

Braganza Waterfall!

Funny name for a waterfall, isn't it? Infact its the name given by us to a very small waterfall of height 20ft falling just by the side of the railway track connecting Goa and Karnataka.

Though I dislike trekking on railway track, I was requested to join this trek by those people to whom I could not say no. Did enjoy the waterfall part of the trek. Walking on tracks was as torturous as always.

The railway line was built by a British Officer named Braganza and in recognition of his dedication and awesome engineering skill the ghat is named after him. The station on the Karnataka side is curiously named 'Castlerock'.

There is a small and unofficial story behind this 'Castlerock' name. Two of the first 3 tunnels ( may be 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd or 1st and 3rd : I fail to recall it 100%) towards Goa have an entrance where a 'Castle' like structure has been constructed (same structure exists at exits from these tunnels as well).

And immediately after these 3 tunnels on the valley side of the track a large rock makes up a great sight. The thick forest cover around gives a prominent view to this rock.

After the construction of the railway line, a name had to be given to the station, which the British also planned to use as a stockyard for food items imported from England. There was no previous name for this place nor anybody knew anything about the place. The area was densely forested except the railway line. Hence due to the presence of the 'Castles' and the 'Rock', the name 'Castlerock' was given to this station. And the name just got stuck like a glue!

The revenue office of the British was said to be here at Castlerock. One can still see the remains of 2 huge stockyards by the side of the railway tracks where food and grains were stored by British. Castlerock was also a favourite Tiger hunting spot for the British. It is amazing that the place is still calm and serene. Just the freight trains and the occassional Passenger trains make a noise. Apart from that the place is absolutely quiet like dead!

The water flowing down from Braganza falls is connected via pipeline to couple of drinking water points for the benefit of Gangmen on duty. Surprisingly the waterfall has an arch built infront of it! The arch and the waterfall present a lovely sight if seen from across the railway track.


Aravind GJ said...

Nice story about the railway line!! I had seen this falls while trekking to Dudh sagar falls.
Looks different!!!!

wandering soul said...

Interesting that someone constructed an arch in front of the falls!

The Drifter said...

Yes. It does look different from the other side of the track.

That was amusing to find an arch there. God knows why.

regan said...

Hi, was wondering if you knew someone who organises track treks?
Tried searching on the net, but all I found was you :)