Sunday, August 2, 2009

Waterfalls of Karnataka 2 - Gokak Falls

Located 4kms from Gokak town, this waterfall is active when excess water is released from the Hidkal dam built upstream across Ghataprabha river. The waterfall is in a very open place hence, though it creates noise one can not help but feel that there is no thundering noise like any other waterfall of this magnitude.

Gokak Falls is over 350ft height and about 150ft in width and the sight is one to behold. The water is muddy most of the time during rains as the river gushes down from the dam to the falls and then peripherals Gokak town to flow further towards Bagalkot District where it joins Krishna River. The river originates in the mountains bordering Karnataka and Goa at Khanapur Taluk in Belagavi District.

There is an old hanging bridge built by British across the river just above the waterfall exclusively built for the benefit of the villagers who were working in the Cotton Mill. The bridge has withstood the traverse of time and is still being used by people. It is indeed an awesome experience walking across this bridge with water gushing just below and plumetting to a great depth just ahead. I panicked midway through the bridge and hurriedly headed back.

One can walk all the way to the edge of the waterfall and view from very close up. During non monsoon times there is very little water in the waterfall and local people venture all the way to the base of the waterfall. There is a cave like structure across the length of the waterfall right at the base and people make perfect use of this structure to catch fish, or as a diving platform to the large pool of water below. From above they look like small dots moving around!


Vamsee Modugula said...

It is pretty cool how you find and blog about some very unknown falls.
Nice pictures

wandering soul said...

These relatively unknown falls scattered all along are the beauty of western ghats! Heard about gokak falls some time back.. Looks good in full vigor.

And Thanks for blogrolling me.. :)

The Drifter said...

Gokak Falls is very well known these days, atleast in Karnataka. About 10-15 years back it was relatively unknown due to lack of publicity.

I loved your blog. Good layout and colours and ofcourse posts. Thanks for visiting here.

dimpy roy said...

Very beautiful falls. Its a complete guide. This pristine and majestic waterfall is horse shoe shaped at the crest, a great place for a full day fun and frolic! Check out more about Gokak falls.