Sunday, June 14, 2009


Been to this place called Yana about 3 years back. The place is famous because of couple of amazing rock formations. Lord Shiva's names have been given to these rock formations and a temple of Lord Shiva is also built here. Hence the place is hugely popular among Shiva's devotees.

The place used to be accessible only by 4-5 hours trek through dense forest about a decade back. Now due to rapid commercialisation a road has beem built right to the foot of the rock formations! When I went there, I was expecting at least an hour of trekking. But was utterly disappointed as my 2 wheeler easily found the way all the way to the Shiva Temple and the rocks.

The rock formations are mesmerising. There is a cave which runs across the whole lenght of one of these rocks known as Bhairaveshwara Rock.

Concrete steps with railings have been constructed to make it easy for the visitors to enter this cave. Just goes to show how we destroy the natural beauty of a place in the name of God.

Things have changed at Yana. People are thronging to this place in huge numbers. During Shivaratri its chaos here. The forests have moved away from Yana. People have taken their place by force.

A lovely stream on the way is a beautiful place to spend some time though. We took a heavenly and leisurely bath here on our way back. The stream was just perfect for relaxing.

The name 'Yana' is lovely and so are the rocks, but the place stinks. For the naked eye of a casual visitor all may seem good. But if one peers just below the surface then the destruction of forest, plastic strewn all over, garbage not cleared give a clear idea as to where Yana is headed. Yana can never get back its earlier beauty. But atleast lets hope that it survives!


Aravind GJ said...

Very sad to see the current state of Yana. I would say that the best time to visit Yanais during monsoons when the "crowd" does not dare to enter Yana fearing leeches!!

The Drifter said...

you are dead right. And the rainy season is the right time for nature lovers to see this place.