Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Train Track Trek

Three years back I had been to this trek on the railway track in the western ghat region of Karnataka. The route was discontinued some 2 decades back owing to gauge conversion. The process took hell of a long time and just got completed couple of years back. Till then the route was a god send gift to nature lovers.

Trekking on this route, with its numerous tunnels and bridges is a great experience. There are couple of waterfalls to rejuvanate trekkers. Caution is the keyword while walking on those bridges. Though trains are running on this route now, trekkers still continue to roam in this place.

The night stay at the station in the middle of the forest was great experience. We stayed in what was an employee quarters. The station was shelter for workers engaged in gauge conversion work.

Personally somehow I do not enjoy the Train Track Treks. Walking on tracks is a torture for me. Just to have a feel of the nature that’s available for free I went on this trek once. Friends have gone 3 more times on this trek, but I did not join them. The view on this route is awesome, if one covers the entire distance.


Vamsee said...

This place does look beautiful. Where is it?
I agree....I would much rather have mud under my feet than metal.

The Drifter said...

This train track connects Bangalore with Coastal Karnataka.