Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waterfalls of Karnataka 3

This waterfall is in the middle of private land. The stream flows in a small natural valley covered on both sides by areca plantations. The water slopes down for some distance and then jumps down the remaining distance. Not a great waterfall but a lovely one when in full flow. The locals are friendly and allow visitors to go through their land towards the waterfall. There is a cave above the waterfall which the bats have made their home and it is said that this cave is worth a visit. But one has to take some risk to reach the cave and is better avoided. Height: Approximately 30ft. Best time to visit is during August and September.


Megha Chawla said...


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Ashok Parimoo said...

Rajesh Naik to view the full flow of the waterfall, when is the right time to visit. Seems to be peaceful place with lot of greenery. To reach it. Is there too much walking to be done?
Ashok Parimoo

chandan dudeja said...

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